The whole purpose of buying a pc warranty is to reduce risk and gain peace of mind. It is a very lucrative cash flow for circuit city upfront and for nexicore as steady business without any marketing costs. Sweetheart deal. Have heard horrow stories but did not think it would happen to us.

Laptop power receptable loose not making connection with power cord.

Shipped to nexicore with two letters outlining power receptacle prob and specific request not to do anything with hard drive and sticky keyboard. Brian Thomas did great job of quickly repairing cord but chose to replace hard disk???? You have hiccups and doctor rips out intestines and sews back in upside down. Years of data, files and photos. Letters asked please do not do anything to hdisk without checking with us was ignored. Calls to circuit city and nexicore president and Brian Thomas manager on 800-644-4494 x 2515 not returned. Any contacts and suggestions? ms office suite and other applications on my hd not transferred either

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Dumb *** it says "back up data,not responsible for lost data incurred". ***


I am contacting the better business bureau of California to turn them in for shoddy service and ripping people off. Thanks for the presidents phone number, he will also be recieving a call from me, along with Best Buy who I went through to get the **##! part.


They did the same thing to me.....

The directions said, please do not format without contatcing us.

The issue was with the wireless network not connecting...... We lost everything.

repair 1 - July 22- aug 4th network card doesn't work. they formatted the computer and repaired the motherboard.

repair 2 - Aug 6th - aug 13th - comp shutting down - repaired motherboard

repair 3 - aug 17th- Aug 24th - network card not working - repaired motherboard

July 26th - i realize they did not install the sound card in the laptop...

going back in tomorrow - Aug 27th for my free laptop....

It's still not worth it.


Again, Shtoopid you are here saying the exact thing on all your posts. Ex-Nexicore Tool


Their customer and tech support is absolutely horrible. They shipped out hard drives, motherboards, CDRW drives, etc.

for software issues.

They're often quite rude, especially to their techs. I honestly don't know why they're still in business.


It did say on the letter they sent to me: "BACK UP YOUR HARDRIVE FIRST, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PROBLEMS THAT RESULT TO IT". Next time try reading the directions and BACKING up your hard drive first. It's too late now though.


I just had the same thing happen to me. Sent it in for the receptical to be replaced and they replaced the harddrive!

Well I called the number that you listed with the extension and a man named Mr. Young answered the phone. He lied and told me that he was in a meeting and wanted to know how I got his number and extension but I didn't tell him. Then he rudely transfered me to customer service without finishing our conversation.

Customer service explained that they did the harddrive because they ran a diagnostic on it and found other possible issues. Rather than having us send it back at a future date they fixed them then. They also claim to wipe the old harddrive clean and drill a hole thru it so it becomes unuseable.

I suggested that in the future they send a letter explaining what they did with the old harddrive and why they replaced it to save themselves some grief. But as you can tell from what they said, we will not be getting our harddrive back. Yes it is our responsibility to back it up, but no, you dont' expect them to do more work that requested no matter what their intentions are, good or bad.


If you look at depot repair terms and conditions, regardless of company, most clearly outline that ALL DATA is recommended to be backed up BEFORE service and that they are not responsible for lost data because the customer was negligent in this area.


I hope you were able to have your situation worked out. But, knowing nexicore it doesn't seem likely.

Nexicore promises a quick turnaround (it lists a week turnaround on their website and circuit city employees told me even less time). However, I'm so frustrated right now because they have had my computer for 4 weeks and every time I keep calling they give a different excuse. I've left messages and asked to speak to a manager but no luck.

I want my computer back!! How long did it take the rest of you guys to get your computers back?

Cowpen, England, United Kingdom #29994

yes, i'm agree this company really sucks, and on top, they don't pay good attention to employees.

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